‘Vaccines won’t work’ US virologist breaks down COVID 19

Lessons learned from Dr. Djaballah about the COVID-19, caused by the SAR-CoV2 virus, can be summed up in several notes. Check out the video interview with Dr. Djaballah for more in-depth. – How much do we know about this virus? – Where far are we from developing a vaccine? – Who holds the key to understanding the nature of COVID-19? – The debate: Mask or no mask? – Why don’t we have a vaccine for SARS-CoV1 yet? – Can we stop the spread? How? – Lessons to learn from the COVID-19 outbreak. . . . ### Our SECOND interview with Dr. Djaballah is also out!! The 2nd video touches upon many theories and misinformation spreading out there about the virus. If you want to know more in-depth, check out the video here:

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