Trump says he’s had no contact with VP aide who tested positive

U.S. President Donald Trump responded to questions on Friday during a meeting with Republican members of Congress about an aide to Vice President Mike Pence testing positive for COVID-19. He said that he’s had no contact with the person and that Pence was tested that day, testing negative. He also commended the measures taken so far to keep him protected from COVID-19.

Trump also claimed Friday that the coronavirus would “go away” without a vaccine and was relying on what “doctors say,” and that he recognizes it may not happen this year or by the fall, but would “probably go away by itself.” He said having a vaccine would still be helpful, however, adding the country could still see some “flare-ups.”

The president said he expects to see the unemployment numbers to “go way up” – the Labor Department reported Friday that 20.5 million jobs were lost last month – saying the various stay-at-home measures and closures of businesses due to COVID-19 was an “artificial turning off of the economy.”

He said he expects following the COVID-19 outbreak the country would see a “transition to greatness” into next year. Earlier Friday, Trump was also with veterans during a commemoration of VE Day. Asked if he had considered wearing a mask, he said that he was “very far away” from the veterans.

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