Tanzania tests motor oil, plants and various animals on Corona

Tanzania tests motor oil, plants, and various animals on Corona. With amazing results.
The video shows a public speech by President Magufuli in Tanzania. There, samples were taken of motor oil, various fruits and plants, and many animals. The samples were labeled with fantasy names and tested in the laboratory for Covid-19 or SARS-COV2. Interestingly, there were positive results in many cases. It is asked about the reliability of the tests and demands are placed on the WHO to ensure that it is reliable.
There are great doubts about the international approach and it is also criticized or assumed that the test sticks are already delivered contaminated in order to produce incorrect results. You will surely remember that test systems were already sent in the UK in March, in which this RNA was already contained.
I do not evaluate that, I can not check the reliability but I find the idea understandable and also sensible. You should ask yourself many questions.

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