Plandemic viral COVID-19 video, pulled from internet platforms

 Plandemic viral COVID-19 video, pulled from internet platforms

Internet platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter sprang to action Thursday to stem the spread of a viral video containing conspiracy theories about the novel coronavirus.

Social networks and video-sharing services removed or restricted access to the so-called “Plandemic” video featuring prominent anti-vaccination activist Judy Mikovits, citing violations of the platform’s policies against misinformation.

The video had already racked up several million views across platforms and could easily be found online Friday, however.
Released online earlier this month, the 26-minute video contains conspiracy theories and false claims about the coronavirus and COVID-19, the contagious disease it causes, such as that is harmful to wear face masks and that, “if you’ve ever had a flu vaccine, you were injected with coronaviruses,” among others.

“Suggesting that wearing a mask can make you sick could lead to imminent harm, so we’re removing the video,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement, several outlets reported.
Video-sharing sites YouTube and Vimeo also pulled “Plandemic” from their platforms, with spokespeople for each service citing their respective policies.

“We quickly remove flagged content that violates our Community Guidelines, including content that includes medically unsubstantiated diagnostic advice for COVID-19 and re-uploads of the original clip if they contain segments that we deem to be violative of YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” a YouTube spokesperson told The Washington Times.

Article source: WashingtonTimes
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