Doctors’ Exposing COVID-19 Hoax

 Doctors’ Exposing COVID-19 Hoax

Please forgive the basic nature of this video. I’ve enjoyed spending some time with my family finally after my quarantine expired. I wasn’t planning on making a video this weekend, but everybody’s in bed now and I felt that this was important.

I have done a few interviews recently and I’ve been asked the same question every time, which is what is the worst piece of misinformation you’ve heard about coronavirus. The first time I answered I said one of those conspiracy theories that we’ve all heard, but I quickly realized actually that isn’t the most damaging misconception about the current virus at all. The most harmful perception about COVID-19 is that it’s a disease that only affects the very old or the infirm

An interesting pattern that’s emerged from every country’s cohorts is that men are more affected by this than women; 70% of severe infections requiring ITU are male, and perhaps most sobering is that out of all the patients admitted to ITU so far in the U.K., almost half have died — 48%. Comparing that with the usual admissions we see in ICU for viral pneumonia, like say influenza, only 22% of those died. If it needs to be repeated again, this is not “just like the flu.”

On the subjects of healthcare, we’ve now seen three doctors here in the U.K., several in America, and 51 in Italy lose their lives directly because of COVID-19 — many or perhaps even most of whom were fit and well beforehand. To my sisters and brothers in healthcare, especially those going into battle like this without the appropriate armor — which is something that I just cannot believe is happening in developed countries, it shouldn’t be happening — I salute you.

That’s it. That’s the video. This isn’t aimed at any particular age group nor political affiliation. I find it remarkable I even have to say that second point because somehow this has become a partisan issue, which again I can’t understand. Perhaps, if this does have an intended audience, it’s the middle-aged politicians who maybe also think that they’re too young for this disease and promote this appalling fallacy that COVID-19 is only killing patients who would have died sooner or later otherwise. Just stop f**king around.

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